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The Esslli site is in the main building of the University campus, 48 Oleska Street with the monument to Prince Jan II Dobry in front of it.

ESSLLI site - Main building of Opole University

The building, which will be decorated by a Esslli banner, houses the office and main main lecture halls of Esslli 2012. The banner will be well visible from the street.

Pokaż ESSLLI - main building na większej mapie

In this section we will provide information how to reach ESSLLI Site from various places in Opole.

Minister of Science and Higher Education - Professor Barbara Kudrycka Marshall of Opole Province (Voivodeship) - Mr Józef Sebesta Rector of Opole University - Professor Krystyna Czaja Mayor of Opole - Mr Ryszard Zembaczyński RADIO OPOLE TVP Opole Polish Association for Logic and Philosophy of Science The INFTY Research Networking Programme The Association for Symbolic Logic European Network for Social Intelligence ZAK S.A. Cement Plant ODRA

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