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24th European Summer School in Logic, Language and Information

August 6-17, 2012
Opole, Poland

We would like to invite you kindly for European Summer School in Logic, Language and Information (ESSLLI) which will be held in Opole in 2012.
This will be the 24th School in Europe and, we hope, one of the most successful.

The ESSLLI summer school has been organized on a yearly basis since 1989 under the auspices of FoLLI, the Association for Logic, Language and Information. The school hosts approximately 50 courses at both introductory and advanced level, and convokes around 500 participants each year from all over the world.
The main focus of the program of the summer schools is the interface between linguistics, logic and computation. Courses, both introductory and advanced, cover a wide variety of topics within the combined areas of interest: Language and Computation, Language and Logic, and Logic and Computation. Workshops are also organized, providing opportunities for in-depth discussion of issues at the forefront of research, as well as a series of invited lectures.

A "Bavarian geographer" active in the middle of 9th century, was the first to inform about the existence of the main town of Opolanie - one of the Slavonic tribes, on the Oder river. Untill the 15th century Opole was under the rule of the Silesian branch of the Piasts (the first royal dynasty in Poland). After that its rulers changed several times. On 24th March 1945 Polish administration took over Opole. The city has been promptly rebuilt after World Word II destruction. In 1950 the city become district capital. Opole has been developing very well since then, which has had crucial impact on the development of higher education in the region. At this moment there are six tertiary educational institutions in the city. Opole University and Technical University of Opole are the most important of them. Opole is also known as the “capital“ of Polish popular music with the National Festival of Polish Song held in the city since 1963.

Opole Opole

Minister of Science and Higher Education - Professor Barbara Kudrycka Marshall of Opole Province (Voivodeship) - Mr Józef Sebesta Rector of Opole University - Professor Krystyna Czaja Mayor of Opole - Mr Ryszard Zembaczyński RADIO OPOLE TVP Opole Polish Association for Logic and Philosophy of Science The INFTY Research Networking Programme The Association for Symbolic Logic European Network for Social Intelligence ZAK S.A. Cement Plant ODRA

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